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UnderGround grew its roots in the North Okanagan Valley as a subterranean microbrewery. Our passion for plant-based liquid refreshments started in the beer world. Soon enough, we began creating nitro coffee and fermenting tea. The UnderGround team is intrepidly focused on delivering simple, delicious, BC-brewed Kombucha.

At UnderGround, we are fixated on improving our Canadian wellness, offering our low to no sugar beverage experience. Our kombucha is buzzing with cultured microorganisms, flavour forward and packaged in uncomplicated, sustainable cans for any adventure.

Our fixation brought us to our next challenge. Create a Canadian kombucha, sugar-free, probiotic packed, brimming with all the same benefits of residual sugar kombucha; however, with none of the refrigeration limitations. In spring 2021, we released our new UnderGround ZERO Sugar line, and it’s tasty.

With our devotion for conscientious consuming, locality and plant-based brews, we’re proud to be a healthy option for your daily hustle!