Why UnderGround

Pours Like a Beer But...

Makes You Look Good When You're Naked!


UnderGround Beverages is a grassroots craft micro-brewery at its core. As a wing of the Marten Brewing Company, UnderGround’s passion for craft, plant-based brews is fierce. We are proud to say that our passion for craft brewing has spun ordinary, “work-week” drinks into delicious and fun, BC Made craft bevys.

We have created two kombucha lines which we have minted; blooming” and vintage. Our blooming line is bold and wild, it tastes youthful, full-bodied and unique in its own right. However, keep in mind, to achieve these flavours our blooming line needs to be kept stable with refrigeration. Our new vintage line is an extra long ferment. We ferment all the residual sugars which makes these buchas stable in ambient temperatures, requiring no refrigeration. It is polished and delicate, boasting billions of clinically proven probiotics with none of the refrigeration limitations.

We only offer the real deal!

If you drink kombucha, you will know real kombucha from pasteurized imposters. Don’t be fooled ours is packed with billions of those busy-bodied, consumable micro-organisms. That said, if your kombucha states to be kept refrigerated please be wary. These cans may rupture if handled incorrectly. Also heads up, don’t store or open any kombucha’s next to any electronics.

Big Flavour in Small Batches

Living . Organic . Raw

Flavour is Key to UnderGround Kombucha!

We take pride in flavour, yet still pack our Kombucha full of gut aiding micro-organisms and antioxidants. UnderGround Kombucha is a health conscious, ethical drink suitable for the whole family. We brew using only natural ingredients purchasing through BC companies, supporting our province’s vitality. Being an indy micro-brewery our attention to detail is intense, every brew is crafted and packaged mindfully.




UnderGround Sub-Culture

Our philosophy is simple. “Fresh is best and keep our standards soaring!” As a company who started with a passion of making delicious, small batch craft beer for our community, our community was our driving force. We felt purpose in creating these delicious, non-alcoholic ferments for our loyal locals. Now we supply these fun, BC made bevy’s, suitable for the whole family, to our wider Canadian base. Our brews are convenient, plant-based and sustainable. As a brewery our standards are apparent; Always choose carefully when selecting ingredients, invest in top of the line equipment and ensure manufacturing standards are always at their highest. As a Sub-Culture, our code is; Have fun, be healthy, spread good vibes and alway be groovy!

To Your Health!