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Contact UnderGround if you have and questions, comments or general good vibes. UnderGround Beverages is located underground at the junction of 30th St & 30th Ave, Vernon BC. We do not have tours available but if you’d like to try some of our on tap brews, drop by the Marten Brewing Co.

If you have questions or comments, please get a hold of us in whichever way is most convenient. Ask away. There is no reasonable question that our team can not answer

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PH: 250.718.0996


Frequently Asked Questions;

Q. What is kombucha?

A.  Kombucha is a fermented tea made with a kombucha starter culture (mushroom, mother, scoby, etc.), tea prepared with sugar, vinegar and some kombucha tea from a previous batch (starter tea). Kombucha contains a number of vitamins, particularly B vitamins.

Q. What does UnderGround kombucha tea taste like?

A. UG Kombucha is precisely measure to ensure delicious taste while still remaining low to zero in sugar content.

Q. How does nitrogen impact the flavour of cold coffee

A. The nitrogen actually drastically changes the mouthfeel. All those tiny bubbles give it a thick, creamy, heavy body and a pleasant effervescence. Over time, it does help to preserve the taste. Without nitrogen being infused into the drink, oxygen gets into the coffee which, unsurprisingly, oxidizes the flavor compounds–similar to how rust forming on iron is an oxidation process, which changes the properties of the iron. Don’t drink rust.

q. When should I drink nitro coffee

A. The best time is when you need to start your hustle!  Before a workout, before a meeting, during a night out. Whenever you need that extra boost to your shimmy. Careful now, there is extra caffeine in all cold brewed coffee. Drink responsibly.

Q. Do kombucha cultures contain gluten, dairy, or animal products?

A. No, our kombucha cultures only contain organic black tea, organic sugar, and filtered water and natural flavours or fresh-pressed plant / fruit juices. Our new zero sugar kombucha is sweetened with stevia leaf and keto friendly erythritol.

q. BpAs and Aluminum cans

A. BPA is released from heating plastic. Our cans are kept cool throughout our processing right until the can meets your hand. A 2009 study by Health Canada tested 72 non-refrigerated canned beverages and found small amounts of BPA in 96 percent of those products. However, Health Canada also noted that you’d have to drink “approximately 940 warm canned drinks in one day” to get enough BPA in your body to pose a health risk. Always keep your UG Brews refrigerated.

q. Is UnderGround Kombucha gluten free

A. It sure is, so please tell all your gluten-averse friends.

q. I found a weird residue in my bucha…

A. The slimy sediment is supposed to be there. The sediment in a can of UnderGround kombucha is akin to “the mother” in raw apple cider vinegar, a culture of beneficial bacteria involved in the creation and fermentation of vinegar. In both raw ACV and kombucha, a layer of gunk is an indication that the product is indeed raw and contains live, good-for-you bacteria. In other words, it’s something that hasn’t been processed, pasteurized, or ‘un-natured’ in any way.